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The owner of Spin Fuel "Magazine", John Manzione, asked for an electronic cigarette starter kit. Then, after saying he was very happy with the product, he asked for 5 more samples since "the whole staff is about to run out." We sent the products, and waited for his review.

When the review was done, it was less than pleasant. I asked to speak with Manzione but he said he wanted to be "transparent." What does that mean? We already know where you live, we shipped you products, I thought to myself.

Fast forward, the guy gets nasty on email and makes some ridiculous demands and says to "choose one." Screw him, I thought. I gave him $500 worth of stuff for FREE so him and his cronies could give us an honest review. Fair enough, right? Well, the guy posted the most untrue review known to man, not even touching on the product quality or the points all our consumers buy our brand for.

In one email he said "your cartridges taste just like South Beach Smoke" - which ironically he calls his best brand of electronic cigarettes. So, if we have the same product (and we have a much better battery, everyone will agree) why do we score so poorly? Oh, we didn't advertise with him, that's why. That's what John Manzione does, he hits up people for advertising money in exchange for good reviews. Seems he just wanted to slam our company since he wasn't getting anything more than the free product.

It gets better. We started researching John Manzione and his company, Spin Fuel, and we find his Amazon.com account where he pleas people "help me find my son. Haven't seen him since I was three."

So, as a gesture (and I was cordial with John all along, requesting to talk like men, discuss what was going on, etc, but he remained a coward behind his keyboard) I sent him an email as I FOUND HIS SON. Yeah, I found him allright, he was arrested just last week for cocaine possession in Texas. Instead of saying "thanks" he posted my email on his "magazine." Gee, some thanks I get.

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Maybe if John Manzione wasn't a deadbeat Dad his son wouldn't be out sniffing coke and getting arrested. These people aren't people to do business with, and my company sent them products, without hesitation, so he could grow his "magazine." It's too bad he had to steal the product, assume we were going to pay him for advertising, bash our brand, and then get upset when we pointed out his son was sniffing coke.

It's a rough, tough world online, and you meet all sorts of characters. Some stories are so out there you can't make them up, like in the case of the crook John Manzione.

Review about: Customer Service.



These people are not the best representatives of the E-Cig/Vaping community at all.

Driven only by profit. If you are getting great reviews on your product IMHO you are probably paying for the privilege in some way shape or form.

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Spinfuel is just one guy in FL in a little room getting free stuff for reviews.they don't have all the people they say doing reviews it's one guy that's it.I know he ripped me off. So if you like the reviews you get from him and your happy I just think they should say it' just one guy and stop using fake names

to I know spinfuel Tampa, Florida, United States #700040

that's such ***...why come onto these website and tell lies? :roll


I was about to cancel my own review I have going with Spinfuel.I am happy to see that Martin has fessed up about lying.

I always thought Spinfuel was a good, unbiased (a first I might add) website magazine. I'm glad that we all found out it really is.

Why is this post still active if the author admitted it was all made up?Take it down, don't you think?


Wow.Who could have imagined a large company like Bull Smoke would stoop so low.

Their lack of professionalism leaves one wondering. John at Spinfuel does not do fake reviews. Advertising has nothing to do with the review. I have been a part of spinfuel, albeit a short time, I have alot of respect for John and his co-writers.

If the information was not true then Bull Smoke should have shown the facts. Perhaps the overpriced ecig could be explained. And I know it can be, put Martin did not explain why. Instead he went after these people personally.

He should be fired.Maybe i have to be careful or he'll attack me.


I'd like to add that John, Spin Fuel, and Julia did nothing to me that I alleged they did, my temper got to me and I said some things that weren't true. They did nothing wrong.


Formal Apology to Spin Fuel Magazine:

I need to get a formal apology off my chest. After being lectured for hours on end by my superiors and read the riot act by people who have taken care of me for so long, I realize I made an epic mistake this past week in how I reacted to what I felt was an unfair treatment in a review of the electronic cigarette brand I have helped build and manage.

Today, August 5, 2012, I’d like to express my sincerest and deepest apologies to Mr. John Manzione and Julia Barnes, as well as the rest of the staff at Spin Fuel Magazine. I let my passion for work get the best of me and took to the Internet to post my emotions. The end result was a lot of embarrassment for the brand and personally the agony of defeat in being on the wrong end of an Internet battle. I brought up references to people’s families – clearly crossing the line and showing a side of unprofessionalism that embarrassed my higher-ups. I was trusted to represent a brand and failed miserably and hurt people in the process.

John and Julia, I can’t say sorry enough – instead of pleading via email and making immature threats on your reputation, I could have handled the situation differently. I clearly made a mental mistake while having a bad day and stood on my soap box to try to stand up for the company I represent. If I could turn back time and get a re-do, I could do things differently. What’s said was said, and I can’t take it back. I can only ask for forgiveness and hope that I become a better man for what I did.

I messed up, said some horrible things, and created chaos for all involved. I’m not perfect, but I certainly know better than to do what I did.

John and Julia did nothing to me – but my words probably hurt them. I can’t say sorry enough and hope to put this in the past.


This Giles guy is OUT OF CONTROL.... dude, they thought your stuff was overpriced and didn't like your chinese ejuice. That's not a reason to go on a web tirade that, quite frankly, makes you look psychotic!


This is the exact reason I stay away from these kr808 starter kit companies.They are all a rip off, Bullsmoke, South beach Smoke, v2 Cigs, all overpriced garbage that is made in the same factory in china.

Each company makes little tweaks but in the end it's all overpriced ***.

If you are reading this and looking to get into e cigs stay away from the companies mentioned above.


As a competitor and someone who is neutral here, I can say that all the "pro-spinfuel" comments are fake.

Port Saint Lucy is their mailing address. Someone should tell "Bill" that.

Christin, Tom, same thing. Don't be fooled by these cons, people. I won't be offering my my product to Spin Fuel, in fact I've ignored their solicitations and am glad I did.


You should be ashamed of yourselves.John Manzione (and everyone at Spinfuel eCigs Magazine) are about as honest as they come.

They gave me a GLOWING review, and NEVER ONCE asked me for money, or money to advertise, or anything of the sort.

Money does NOT equal a rave review on their end.Quality products do.

If I were you, I'd put my energy into making a better product, instead of pouting like a spoiled child, and spewing lies.


Someone needs to knock the sand out of their ***. If they hated your product they hated it. Get over yourself.


I've been to Spifuel and if anyone is in the wrong you are mister!I read the email he sent you, he posted it a little while ago.

you're the one in the wrong.

I hope the owner of this site takes you to task for posting this fraudulent report.You are everything that is wrong with the electronic cigarette industry.

I'd sue you for saying what you're saying here if you were saying it to me.


so this spin fuel site sells "paid reviews" of products? wow.


Watching the way John handled himself on his website, I don't doubt the entire family is using cocaine.


Were you paying them for a positive review of your product?If you were and they delivered a negative review, then yah, be pissed off..

But seriously? You provided them with FREE product for them to review.

I'm not a new vaper by any means, but I know from seeing your site, you LIE, you sell OVER PRICED mediocre product.Spin didn't rip you off, you rip your customers off.


Spinfuel is a scam, avoid.

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